Mrs. Cowan visits Reeths Puffer Elementary School.

We were so pleased to have former RP graduate Jill Barry-Cowan visit Mrs. Oyler's first-grade class.  This was the first time in 11 years that she had been back within the district. Today, Mrs. Cowan came to inspire students by reading her first published book, Millie Dreams of Michigan. This will be the first of many books in the children's series encouraging children to use their imagination and see the world. The students were amazed to see this RP graduate worked hard and made her dreams come true. A person like us! We loved her interactive read-aloud strategy, and students proudly waved their magical wands, just like the character in the story, while she read aloud.  

Students could join in on the many catchy phrases as the wand took them to all of their destinations. Our students loved that this was a book that they would be able to follow the character, Millie on many more adventures. We took it as an opportunity for writing in the classroom. We wrote to Mrs. Cowan to give her ideas of where Millie could travel next. Students wanted to see Millie in the following places in the future: North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, and Africa.  

The students are excited to follow this author as she continues her journey to inspire young children.  Keep on writing, and remember, your dreams can come true!